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Simplify work planning with visual overviews is a comprehensive tool that is a good fit for lots of teams. Others, though, find that it is complicated to use, expensive, and comes with features they don’t need.

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Less planning, more doing

Teams switch from to Toggl Plan because it helps them manage work efficiently, without spending a lot of time and money. Get started quickly with no training required, and keep plans up to date with just a few clicks.

Visual overviews

A picture is worth a thousand words. Get a beautiful birds-eye-view of all your tasks, teams and projects using timelines.

Feel in control

Clear visual cues of what needs to be done helps people feel calm and in control of their work. See what everyone is working on, and how it fits into the big picture.

Stay up to date

Shared timelines and milestones make it easy for the whole team to know what’s happening, when, and who’s responsible.

Powerful features, accessible
for everyone

With, basic features such as timelines and search functions are only included within higher pricing tiers. In Toggl Plan, these are always accessible for solo users in our free version.

Custom task statuses

Use ‘to do’, ‘doing’, ‘done’, or a customized status to reflect task progress. Use status emojis to show at-a-glance what’s happening.

Manage workloads

Add time estimates to tasks, and use the Team timeline to make sure nobody is underworked or overworked.

Multi-assign tasks

Prevent visual noise in the Plan timeline by assigning multiple people to a task. Assignees can then easily collaborate using comments and attachments.

Your work, your way

We know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to planning software. Toggl Plan is used by tens of thousands of teams, in countless different ways. Whether you need to plan a project timeline or manage your team workload, Toggl Plan suits your needs. Your team can hit the ground running, without learning new ways to work.

A timeline


Create simple and beautiful visual timelines to keep track of your tasks, teams and projects.

  • Drag & drop to update plans in seconds.
  • Keep an eye on team workloads with capacity planning.
  • Zoom out to see what's coming up next week, month or quarter.
  • Share timelines with external stakeholders to keep them in the loop.
A kanban board


Keep tasks flowing by adding tasks and updating statuses with kanban boards.

  • Customize boards to suit how you work.
  • Use checklists to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Switch quickly from Excel sheets or other tools with .csv import.
  • See Boards updates automatically update your Timeline view.

Toggl Plan vs

With, you’ll pay in fixed price brackets. For example, ‘up to 5’ users, or ‘up to 10’ users, which might be frustrating for a team of 6-9. With Toggl Plan, however, you’re free to add or remove any number of users, any time.

$9 per user, per month
$10+ per user, per month
Free Plan
For solo users
Minimum Users
1 User
3 Users
Standard Plan ($$)
Pro Plan ($$$)
Project Timelines
Dummy Users
Kanban Boards
Workload Management
Task Management
Custom Task Workflows
Task Collaboration
File Attachments
Advanced Reporting
Standard Plan ($$)
Enterprise Plan ($$$$)

“It is great. It’s colorful. It’s easy to use.”

Ada Enechi, BuzzFeed

Ready to get started?

Toggl Plan is a beautiful, simple tool that helps you plan projects, track progress, and manage teams.

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